The Raskin Group / Luxury Homes / Gant Patrick Frink Featured by: Brett Raskin (June / 2017)

Each month, I like to highlight someone I work with while helping my clients buy and sell homes. This month, I wanted to highlight an appraiser that has helped many of my clients – Gant Frink at GPF Real Estate Appraisals.

Appraisals and Square Footage

Did you know that the square footages represented by sellers are sometimes inaccurate? It’s true! However, most sellers aren’t trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Instead, one of these things is happening:

  • The seller remembers the numbers incorrectly
  • The property records are not accurate
  • Builders/ developers have included unfinished spaces that should not be part of the numbers

If one of these things happens, then you could easily be spending money on square footage that doesn’t exist!

In my time as a real estate agent, I have found errors that have literally saved my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. When the property was measured accurately and found to be smaller, the price of the home was reduced.

Why Gant Frink?

Why do I recommend Gant as an appraiser? He has the ability to get the job done and make it easy for my clients. His prices are super competitive.

Finally, I like using Gant because his numbers are incredibly accurate. His appraisals always help my clients make informed real estate decisions, and if past mistakes are found, he can save them a considerable amount of money.


Gant is the real deal - he helped me fulfill my goal of home ownership in the perfect location and price range. As we sifted through dozens of listings, he demonstrated unwavering patience and always kept my needs as top priority. When multiple offers and counter offers volleyed back and forth, Gant kept me well informed, stayed upbeat, and gave superb guidance. His reputation, work ethic, and high integrity were instrumental in making this milestone happen. When it came time to refinance, I again called on Gant since he's an expert real estate appraiser. 


With his "down-home" attitude and compassion, Gant instantly becomes a friend. He made it so simple for my wife and I; our house was sold fast and efficiently with no complications whatsoever. Gant's instructions for us were easy to understand and to the point.  He found a qualified buyer in record time and the house sold at a substantial increase above the listed price. Gant was extremely thorough and patiently answered every question we had throughout the entire process.   He diligently kept us informed daily as to the progression of the sale. With his confidence and expertise, Gant flawlessly coordinated the activities of inspectors,
contractors, agents and escrow office from start to finish.  We eagerly recommend Gant to represent anyone interested in selling their home.